Colomba (Dove, an Easter Cake)

In fair Verona, where we lay our sceneRomeo and Juliet, W. Shakespeare, prologue


It is common believe that the Colomba, the Italian Dove shaped Easter Cake, is original from Milan or Pavia, and there are legends about dove shaped cakes back to the Byzantine Era. True is that most probably the mother country of the Colomba is Verona, Romeo and Juliet’s town, THE town of love.

Shakespeare seems to have a thing for Verona, as he set there also another play, The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Verona is a very nice town, not far from Venice and Padua, absolutely worthy to be seen especially in the summer when it hosts a precious opera festival, in its magic Arena.

Coming to the Colomba, it is not easy, I made two tries, using the recipe of Vittorio from the Blog  Viva La Focaccia ( In the first try I followed Vittorio’s recipe very carefully and everything was fine, until I spread the glaze before baking it. The glaze was probably too cold and the Colomba deflated. I was so sorry

So the second time I baked the Colomba first, and the I spread the glaze and I put it back in the oven for about 5 minutes. The result was great! a fluffy, fine textured cake that was melting in the mouth.


As it not an easy cake, I prepared a PP presentation with all the necessary steps to follow.



ricetta colomba



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Hi! I am Anna, I am from Florence (Italy) but I currently live in Turkey, before I have lived in other countries, Ireland, Russia and Sweden. I am not a professional cook, nor a photographer, but I have a kitchen with a view on the Bosphorus (in the profile photo) and rooms full with books. Welcome in my Bookish Kitchen!

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